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Diploma in Information Technology (Digital Media)

Course Content

Program Description

This course focuses on Digital Media in such areas as graphics editing, TV to Creative Media and Digital Multimedia. Graduates will also be able to support the ICT application development needs of companies. Studentare also prepared for academic advancement, to enhance they careers should they wish to pursue advance skills and knowledge.

The programme Duration is 3 years (8 Semesters).
Year 1

01. Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 ^
02. Pengajian Malaysia 2 ^^
03. Communication Skills
04. Mathematics for Computing
05. Principles of Information 

06. Bahasa Kebangsaan A *
07. Leadership **
08. Business Skills and Learning
09. Operating System
10. PC Troubleshooting
11. Programming Principles
12. Community Service
13. Database Design
14. Introduction to New 

Media Studies

Year 2

01. Computer Organisation & 

02. Fundamentals of Digital Media
03. Human Computer Interaction
04. System Analysis and Design
05. Critical Analysis
06. Data Communication and

07. Digital Multimedia
08. Web Development Technology

09. Communication and Critical

10. Elective <<< p="">

11. Graphics Editing

Year 3
01. Diploma Project
02. Elective 1 < <
03. Information Technology
Industrial Attachment '
Entry Requirement

- Pass SPM with 3 credits including Maths; OR 

- 3 UEC credits including Maths; OR 

- 3 GCE O-Levels credits including Maths; OR 

- Other equivalent qualifications from recognised institutions may be considered on a case-to-case basis; OR 

- Other equivalent qualifications as recognised by the Malaysia Government

Additional Criteria

- A Credit in English at SPM or equivalent level

Elective Choice

Elective 1 Creative Media 

Elective 1 Software Development 

Elective 2 Media Ethics and Law 

Elective 2 TV and Radio Production



^ To be taken by international students only.
^^ To be taken by all local students.
* To be taken by students who have grade C- and above(non-credit) for Bahasa Melayu in their SPM results.
** To be taken by students who have grade Cand below (credit) for Bahasa Melayu in their SPM results.

Applicants who do not meet the English requirement are required to sit and pass the English Entrance Test conducted by Kolej MDIS Malaysia.

Those who did not pass the English Entrance Test are required to enrol in the Certificate in English Language programme.

Application Form