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Diploma in Mass Communication

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Program Description

This is a broad based course designed to introduce the basic concepts, theories and skills in mass media and communication management. The course also aims to develop a creative attitude, open mind and media relevant awareness. 

Graduates from this programme will be able to work within the media industry at "New Media" companies, in Advertising companies, radio and TV broadcast, public relations companies as well as in corporate communication companies.

At the end of this course you, the student, will be able to:

Build a professional portfolio and continue towards the successful completion of your chosen specialist award.

Graduates will be well prepared for a variety of discipline specific roles, with subsequent progression to more advanced levels within organisations The knowledge and skills learn through out the programme help develop the your competencies to meet the requirements and demands of your future workplace. Such skills as leadership, creative thinking,problem solving and teamwork enhance your knowledge in this discipline which is essential for your job performance. Hence, at the end of this course, you will have an opportunity to work in various Mass Communication fields such as Journalism,Advertising Agency, Event Management, Public Relations, Photographer, TV Correspondent, Writer/Author, Editor, Photojournalist or Screenwriter. 

The programme duration is 2 years 5 months.

Approval code: R/321/4/0070 (FA 2761) 05/2023

-Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1* OR
Pengajian Malaysia 2**
-Elective 1
-English for Academic Purposes
-Introduction to Mass Communication
-Introduction to New Media
-Media Studies
-Human and Mass Communications, Structure and Process
-Introduction to Journalism
-Introduction to Online Journalism
-Principles of Broadcasting
-Principles of Marketing
-Principles of Public Relations
-Structure and Practice of Print Media
-Bahasa Kebangsaan A*** OR
-Elective 2
-Introduction to Scriptwriting
-Media Ethics and Law
-Principles of Advertising
-Public Relations Campaign
-Rethinking The Malaysian Context
-Technique of Professional Speaking and Writing
-Advertising Campaign
-Globalisation, Media and Culture
-Introduction to Visual Communication
-Media and Communication Research
-News Writing and Reporting
-Community Service
-Media Project
-Web Design

-Industrial Training

Entry Requirement

1. Pass SPM or equivalent qualification with at least a credit in 3 subjects inclusive of English; OR

2. Pass STPM or other equivalent qualification with a grade C (CGPA 2.00) in one subject and a credit in English at SPM or equivalent; OR

3. Pass  STAM with at least Grade Maqbul and with a credit in English at SPM or its equivalent. OR

4. Pass SKM level 4 and pass SPM with at least a credit in English; OR

5. Pass level 3, MQF certificate or equivalent with a pass at SPM and a credit in English; OR

6. Pass certificate in Media and Communications (level 3 MQF) or equivalent with a minimum GP on 2.00; OR

7. Pass UEC with Grade B in at lease 3 subjects including English.

8. Qualification recognised as equal by the Government of Malaysia.



 *To be taken by international student.

 **To be taken by local student.

 *** To be taken by student who did not earned credit in Bahasa Melayu in SPM/UEC.

 **** To be taken by student who earned credit in Bahasa Melayu in SPM/UEC.


***** Elective courses:


Course Code

Course Name



Communication Skills



Fundamentals of Digital Media



Fundamentals of Information Technology



Principles of Management