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Diploma in Tourism Management

Course Content

Program Description

This is a broad based course that covers both the Hospitality and Tourism industries. Graduates from this programme will have a route forward to develop their career within the management of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. The course is also designed to provide academic progression toward an undergraduate degree.  

The programme Duration is 3 years (8 Semesters).

Year 1

01. Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 ^
02. Pengajian Malaysia 2 ^^
03. English for International Tourism
04. Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
05. Introduction to the Tourism Industry
06. Tourism Principles and Practices
07. Bahasa Kebangsaan A *
08. Leadership **
09. Geography 1
10. Marketing for the Tourism Industry
11. Principles of Management
12. Safety, Health and Security in Tourism
13. Airline Ticketing and Reservation
14.Geography 2
15. Hospitality Accounting (over for short semester–3 is plenty)

Year 2

01. Community Service
02. Critical Analysis
03. Introduction to Business Ethics

04. The Economics of Leisure 

and Tourism
05. Transportation
06.Cuisine and Culture
07. E-Commerce for Tourism 

08. Hotel Reception and 

09. Meetings, Incentives, 

Conference and Exhibitions

10. Tour Planning and Design

11. Case Studies in Tourism

12. Human Resource Management 

for the Hospitality and 

Tourism Industry

13. The Concept of Leisure 

and Recreation

Year 3

01. Entrepreneurship for Small 

Medium Enterprise
02. Tourism Independent Study
03. Tourism Industrial Attachment '

Entry Requirement

- Pass SPM with 3 credits; OR 

- 3 UEC credits; OR 

- 3 GCE O-Levels credits; OR 

- Other equivalent qualifications from recognised institutions may be considered on a case-to-case basis; OR 

- Other equivalent qualifications as recognised by the Malaysia Government 

Additional Criteria

- A Credit in English at SPM or equivalent level



^ To be taken by international students only.

^^ To be taken by all local students.

* To be taken by students who have grade C- and above(non-credit) for Bahasa Melayu in their SPM results.

** To be taken by students who have grade Cand below (credit) for Bahasa Melayu in their SPM results.

Applicants who do not meet the English requirement are required to sit and pass the English Entrance Test conducted by Kolej MDIS Malaysia. 

Those who did not pass the English Entrance Test are required to enrol in the Certificate in English Language programme. 

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