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Diploma in Marketing

Course Content

Program Description

Marketing is essential in the business field to identify business opportunities as well as to promote products and services as well as helps an organisation  be come more visible . 

Diploma in Marketing provides students with the skills that are needed to analyse market needs and trends, define target markets and unlock business opportunities in a competitive environment. It also gives graduates a chance to pursue a career in a variety of marketing fields in the future. 

Graduates of this programme will be able to work in Marketing functions supporting roles at most businesses  and in particular in businesses that support international trade and services.

The programme Duration is 3 years (8 Semesters).

At the end of this course students will be able to:

a.   Ability to understand themarketing concepts and the different marketing management philosophies

b.   Ability to analyse how ethical and social issues can impact on customer relationships in a business.

c.   Develop knowledge and understanding of the different marketing concepts and methods

d.   Understand the importance of continuous research of customer relationship management to develop valuable customer database for marketing.

Year 1

01. Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 ^
02. Pengajian Malaysia 2 ^^
03. Basic Financial Accounting
04. English for Academic Purposes
05. Principles of Management
06. Business English
07. Direct Marketing
08. Fundamentals of Marketing
09. Microeconomics
10. Bahasa Kebangsaan A *
11. Leadership **
12. Business Mathematics
13. Fundamentals of Information 


Year 2

01. Communication Skills

02. Consumer Behaviour

03. Customer Relationship 


04. E-Commerce

05. Introduction to Business


06. Business Skills and 


07. International Marketing

08. Organisational Behaviour

09. Principles of Selling 1: 

Advertising Element

10. Sales Administration 1: 


11. Business Information 


12. Introduction to Finance

13. Principles of Selling 2: 

Planning and Management of 


Year 3

01. Community Service

02. Introduction to Operations 


03. Marketing Management

04. Marketing Research

05. Sales Administration 2: 

The Public Relations Aspect

06. Critical Analysis

07. Project

Entry Requirement

- Pass SPM with 3 credits; OR 

- 3 UEC credits; OR 

- 3 GCE O-Levels credits; OR 

- Other equivalent qualifications from recognised institutions may be considered on a case-to-case basis; OR 

- Other equivalent qualifications as recognised by the Malaysia Government 

Additional Criteria

- A Credit in English at SPM or equivalent level 



^ To be taken by international students only.

^^ To be taken by all local students.

* To be taken by students who have grade C- and above(non-credit) for Bahasa Melayu in their SPM results.

** To be taken by students who have grade Cand below (credit) for Bahasa Melayu in their SPM results.

Applicants who do not meet the English requirement are required to sit and pass the English Entrance Test conducted by Kolej MDIS Malaysia.

Those who did not pass the English Entrance Test are required to enrol in the Certificate in English Language programme. 

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