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Certificate in English Language (CEP)

Course Content

Program Description

The three-tier English module is based on the textbooks Topnotch and Summit that adopt a content-based approach to teaching and learning. In theCEP program; learning is charted along a progressive track from one level to the next. Language skills and linguistic competencies are developed in stages; suited to the students’ respective proficiency level.

All learning outcomes; along with the teaching/learning materials; are suitably pitched at students’ linguistic capabilities.

There is an online component for this course. A range of interactive activities; tasks and tests are integrated with your course syllabus helping to motivate and engage learners. Students can access these activities when they are online at home; in the computer lab or even in an internet café. In fact; wherever and whenever they have access to the internet.

Duration of the course: 1 ½ year (4 semester – (short; long; long; short)

Year 1

Students will expand their basic understanding of form meaning and use in longer discourse settings including academic discourse. Students will transfer their knowledge of the structure of English into effective verb concise and grammatically correct longer types of writing such as multi-paragraph academic essays and personal journal.

Reading Comprehension

Comprehension skills to be applied in reading situations

Year 2

Students will integrate Metacognitive Strategies. The student will learn the strategies that will work best for the listening purpose and the type of text.
Student to practice the full collection of listening strategies by using authentic
listening tasks. Student develop both the ability and the confidence to handle communication situations they may encounter beyond the classroom


Student builds foundation for literacy.
This unit looks specifically at the use of
discussion stories and information gaps
Student builds up a stock of minimal response that they can use in different types of exchanges. Students recognize scripts like greetings apologies, compliments and etc.
Students learn to use clarification phrases
in class when misunderstanding occurs and
respond it positively

Entry Requirement
At least 1 credit in SPM or Other equivalent qualifications as recognized by the Malaysian Government.
Additional Criteria

Top Notch

Is a dynamic communicative course that makes English unforgettable through multiple exposures to language and systematic, intensive recycling. Goals - and achievement-based lessons with can-do statements enable students to confirm their progress


Offers a unique conversational syllabus and extensive opportunities for discussion, debate, presentation, and projects as well as contextualized grammar review, expansion, and practice. Prepares students for academic study through development of word skills, reading and listening skills and strategies, and critical thinking.


A powerful online learning tool for personalized practice and assessment - an available option to complement the Student book. Assign activities and track student and class progress. Also includes Summit Tv video online with activities.