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Foundation in Business

Course Content

Program Description

This programme provides a flexible structured study programme to enhance student knowledge and skills in various aspects including improvement in English language and communication skills. Students will gain knowledge in the relevant subject matters. This provides a sound knowledge base in basic business studies and introduce fundamental business concepts. This would encourage the development of a creative attitude, an open mind and business-relevant awareness. Participants will understand how organisations are managed effectively and how to launch and sustain their managerial career.

Duration: 1 year

Year 1

Effective English  
Study Skills  
Basic Mathematics  
Advanced English  
Skills for Creative Thinking  
Business Statistics
Computer Applications
Fundamentals of Business Studies
Basic Business Management
Introduction to Economics
Basic Accounting
Basic Marketing
Introduction to Finance

Year 2

Year 3

Entry Requirement

 Entry Level          Entry Requirements
SPM/O-Levels     5 CREDITS (Minimum Grade C)
UEC                     3 CREDITS (Minimum Grade B)
Others                  Other equivalent qualifications as recognised by the Malaysian Goverment

Additional Criteria

Elective Choice
N/224/3/0466 (PA 9524) 02/2023