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Diploma in Business Management

Course Content

Program Description

This course is designed to provide the skills and knowledge to work efficiently and effectively in their workplace by embedding in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge. 

Graduates of this programme will demonstrate integrative knowledge and comprehension on key concepts, principles and practices in the field of business management. They will be able to join the work force in an administrative capacity.

At the end of this course students will able to:

a. Enhance the understanding of business world.

b. Develop leadership and soft skills that are vital for today’s competitive business world.

c. Acquire decision-making skills and be innovative in their approach to business problems and situations.

d. Develop critical thinking and communication skills that are required to deal effectively with the continually changing business environment.

The programme duration is 2 years & 5 months.

Approval Code: R/345/4/0062 (FA 2759) 05/2023

-Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1* OR
Pengajian Malaysia 2**
-Basic Financial Accounting
-English for Academic Purposes
-Fundamentals of Marketing
-Principles of Management
-Accounting for Decision Making
-Bahasa Kebangsaan A*** OR
-Business Mathematics
-Communication Skills
-Fundamentals of Information Technology
-Organisational Behaviour
-Business English
-Rethinking The Malaysian Context
-Business Law
-Business Statistics
-Introduction to Business
-Introduction to Finance
-Introduction to Operations Management
-Company Law
-Financial System
-Human Resource Management
-Innovation and Entrepreneurship
-Introduction to Business Ethics
-Leadership and Change Management-Community Service
-International Trade Practice
-Research Methodology
-Industrial Training
Entry Requirement

- Pass SPM/SPMV with at least credits in 3 subjects; OR

- Pass UEC with at least Grade B  in 3 subjects ; OR

- Pass O-Levels with at least Grade C in 3 subjects; OR

- Pass STPM or equivalent with a minimum of Grade C (CGPA 2.0) in any subject; OR

- Pass STAM at Maqbul grade. OR

-Pass SKM level 3 in related field and pass SPM with at lease one credit and have taken a preparatory course (if required) OR

-Pass a Community College certificate that is equal to MQF Level 3 in a related field and pass SPM with at least 1 credit and have taken a preparatory course (if required); OR

-Pass a certificate (level 3 MQF) in related field with a mimimum CGPA of 2.0.

- Other equivalent qualifications as recognised by the Government of Malaysia.

*For Diploma and Progression Diploma, International students need a score of 5.0 in IELTS or equivalent.



 *To be taken by international student.

 **To be taken by local student.

 *** To be taken by student who did not earned credit in Bahasa Melayu in SPM/UEC.

 **** To be taken by student who earned credit in Bahasa Melayu in SPM/UEC.