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Industrial Visit to Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour
28 JANUARY 2018

Fara Rasiman, 28th November 2016 for Kolej MDIS Malaysia

On the 23rd of November 2016, 20 students from the Diploma in Tourism Management (DTM) program visited Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour in Johor, Malaysia. It is a subsidiary hotel under the management of the Shangri-La Group and among one of the many branches in Asia Pacific.

The visit was accompanied by Ms. Salmalina Salleh and Mr. Vishnu Ravindra, lecturers from the Tourism program, along with Ms. Abby of Student Affairs Department of Kolej MDIS Malaysia campus.

The main purposes of the visit were to introduce one of the emerging hotels in the state to the students, and especially for them to gain knowledge from the hotel’s operations and experience its best facility, which is the SkyBar. Among others, Food and Beverages (F&B)is a crucial part of the tourism and hospitality industry. ‘I started my career in the industry in the F&B division. It is one of the most interesting outlets with a lot of things happening daily,’says Ms. Goh Kon Len, the hotel’s Human Resource (HR) Director.

Throughout the visit, the students were encouraged to ask questions regarding the hotel, and they were introduced to many aspects of operation, management, and organization especially of the SkyBar.The students were also brought on a tour around the hotel’s premises to observe the many facilities that the hotel had to offer to its customers.

She also said that such a visit into the industry is a good and practical experience for the students to learn outside of lecture rooms. ‘The more you know about the hospitality industry, the more it will help you later on when you finish your studies to determine your direction,’ she added. The main highlight of the visit was the introduction and explanation of the SkyBar’s operation;ranging from hygiene and contamination issues to product and service presentation and quality to ensure customers’ overall satisfaction.

In addition, the staff also gave a lot of encouraging and helpful advice to the students, especially for them to prepare for future internships. ‘You need to be patient to work in the hospitality industry’, says Mr. Azizi, the Assistant F&B Manager. ‘This is due to the fact that you will be dealing with human beings. It is not easy to figure out people’s character but if you go step by step, you will learn a lot of things. Do not be afraid to take a challenge; you learn through a challenge to solve things better in the future’, he added.