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Visit to Laser Battle
28 NOVEMBER 2016

Fara Rasiman, 28th November 2016 for MDIS-Malaysia

On the 19th of October 2016, 20 students from the Diploma in Tourism Management (DTM) program visited Laser Battle, a gaming attraction located in the City Square Mall, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Laser Battle is an outlet that provides the competitive shooting game laser tag, which is known to be a growing sports and gaming attraction in Malaysia and worldwide. Much like the paintball game, it offers entertainment and adventure, and some consider it a fun alternative to normal fitness games and workouts

It is a form of recreation and attraction that is very much a part of the tourism industry, attracting many tourists and visitors alike to play the game, especially in a large group of people.  

Unlike the paintball game, however, the game uses the Zone Helios Pro System; a laser or infrared technology where the players are given electronic guns and vests equipped with laser transmitters and detectors respectively, in order to gain and accumulate scores accordingly.


The key objective of the visit was to provide the students a practical exposure of the growing hospitality industry in Malaysia. Upon engaging in a few rounds of the strategy game, the students learnt not only of team-building skills but also how an attraction such as Laser Battle contributes to the tourism industry, which is essentially relevant and significant to what they are learning in their Tourism Management course at MDIS-M.